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Wroth was King of Devestan

Wroth was King of Devestan,
His beard he pulled, his eyes he flashed.
"How darest he! Why thinks he can,
Accomplish what others have dashed."

"What maketh this prideful fool 
Of tattered rags and paléd face 
To know just how to overrule
My daughter, ever full of grace."

But the truth be told forevermore, 
That laddie, (Evans was his name),
Was in love with the Princess, to his very core, 
But this maiden was haughty, there lay her fame. 

And sweetness calms a wild, wild horse, 
So did he tame his wild, wild lass.
In kind and gentle ways, of course, 
He courted, and melted her heart of brass. 

Princess Jane, with light and happy eyes, 
Begged with Evans of her father's grace. 
She loved the youth, and soon her father's sighs 
Told them that they had naught but joy to face. 

And on that joyful day in Devestan,
The couple were so happily, happily wed, 
And the King father, as only a father can 
Blessed them, and so their new life was led.

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