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A Noble Beast

A noble beast with noble-seated head, 
Outside he sat on raggéd, plushéd bed, 
Beside his leaner, younger sister dear;
Both canines came from worlds where lions were fear
To farmers and thier fattéd, lazy stock. 
So men divined that dogs as strong as rock
Could defeat deadly and harrassing foe, 
And rip the yellow cat from head to toe. 

Alas! Our boerbol from a place afar 
Across the sea he came, to lands bizarre. 
Where lions are scarce, and monsters yet do roam, 
Of metals they are made, and steam and coal.
They run on and on, not stopping at all, 
And scares unusual birds right off the wall. 
So Zappa missed his home of long ago 
But loved his masters; their hearts wee echoes 
Into his broad, capacious, faithful breast, 
Although, at times, he does become distressed. 

One day, while Zappa strong and mighty lay 
Outside, outdoors right where a single ray 
Immersed and warmed this dozing, sleeping dog, 
When out of his mind's hazy, blurry fog, 
Came roaring noises jumping out at him, 
He growled. He tossed. And with expression grim, 
He saw, to his surprise, a yellow streak. 
"A lion!" quoth he, with eyes brown and bleak. 
"Now comes your doom!" cried Zappa as he lunged, 
Over the gate, into the room he plunged; 
Into the lady's gallant tree he fell, 
A Christmas tree with lights lit as a spell,
That stunned our fellow in the couch to strike, 
His claws advancing as a shredding pike. 
When out of his warm frenzy he realized, 
His masters later him they much chastised. 

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